Car Living

How to live well as a nomad in a car or small vehicle

Car Living

Car living is not for everyone. This is a unique and sometimes challenging lifestyle that most people only do on a temporary basis. The majority of people who live in a car do it only until they can get back into a house or until they can upgrade to a van or RV.

There is, however, a growing tribe of full-time nomads who have embraced vehicle dwelling. Some of these nomads live in cars, while many more live in vans, campers, or RVs. These nomads may live in one area or may migrate with the seasons. There are a number of websites, blogs, and social media groups where these nomads gather online.

The ideas presented in this book are based on my own experience with living out of a car over the years. These experiences include car dwelling that was voluntary and involuntary, short-term and long-term, urban and boondocking.

My early experiences with car dwelling were desperate and miserable, not because I was opposed to the idea, but because I had much to learn. Even as recently as 2000 when I was unexpectedly thrust into van dwelling we did not have Wi-Fi readily accessible and there were nowhere near as many resources available on the Internet.

My hope with this book is to make your experience easier and, dare I say it, positive.

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Great book! Very good information. Everything one would need to know.
People’s lives can change at any time. I basically lived in my car for a time in the late nineties myself.
This book would have been good to have.
Well written, much information from a person that is living this lifestyle!
Robin A. England
Recommended for anyone thinking about leaving the stick and brick rat race.
I suggest a visit to the author’s YouTube channel and his website.
This book inspired me to get moving on selling my stuff so I can get out on the road. My car living will be more like an extended camping trip rather than a permanent lifestyle, but there is still tons of information I can use in this book. Thanks, Robert!
A quick easy guide for the car living adventurer. The new horizon for getting set free from the slavery of the status quo.
sharon slay
I’ve been thinking about car camping/living at least part time. Very informative, well-written little book. Check out Robert Witham’s channel on Youtube for more good advice and follow his travel adventures.
Kindle Customer