Email Coaching Bundle by Robert Witham

Email Coaching Bundle

Personal email coaching session bundle (four exchanges)

Email Coaching Bundle

As a long-time nomad and publisher I enjoy sharing what I have learned with others. Most commonly this is through my books, videos, podcast, magazine, and online courses.

Still, there are times when one-on-one coaching is valuable to fill in the gaps or to address situations too specific for general books, courses, or videos. These email coaching sessions are perfect for anyone who wants or needs more one-on-one feedback than a course, book, or video provides.

Please email me at after ordering to start your email coaching sessions.

Coaching Topics

I work with people just like you in several areas where I have expertise, including the nomadic lifestyle, publishing, photography/videography, and technology.

This email coaching bundle includes four exchanges.

What's included?

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I look forward to working with you!