How To Be A Successful 21st Century Nomad by Robert Witham

How To Be A Successful 21st Century Nomad

What you need to know for success as a nomad

How To Be A Successful 21st Century Nomad

Do you have what it takes to be a nomad? Are you ready to ditch the “sticks and bricks” residence in exchange for a life of adventure on the road? You will find yourself in good company if so.

How To Be A Successful 21st Century Nomad

The number of people who are interested in the nomadic lifestyle grows considerably each year. Fortunately, there are more resources available than ever to help people navigate the transition, but there is still a shortage of “one-stop” resources. This book aims to fill that void.

How To Be A Successful 21st Century Nomad covers topics from deciding to embrace the nomadic life to setting up electrical in your vehicle. This book attempts to distill the lessons, knowledge, and skills that I have learned over the years as a nomad into one logical, accessible volume. In short, this book allows you to benefit from what I have learned the hard way.

How To Be A Successful 21st Century Nomad is also available as a paperback from Amazon.

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Prefer a Video Course?

Would you prefer a video course rather than a book? You may be interested in my video course, Nomad Lifestyle 101, where I cover the essential skills and knowledge for success as a modern nomad. The course follows the outline of the book, but includes additional content and is periodically updated with new material.
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If you are looking for more than a road map to the next destination this is a book you must have! I consider this book to be a ‘Life Map’ for those who are either nomads now or are thinking about it in the future. Success in almost any endeavor is obtained by careful planning and preparation. You don’t know what you don’t know until a situation hits you up along side your head. Being caught unaware is no fun and this book can help you avoid those situations. This book is also a travelers guide to making the most out of any adventure even if it is only for a few weeks. I highly recommend that this book be kept in your traveling vehicle for reference and enjoyment.
Sue Davis
This book is a wealth of information for those considering extensive van life/RV travels whether permanently or seasonally. Each chapter covers topics thoroughly in an easy to read cadence. Concise and thorough. I highly recommend.
Nancy Byrd
If you’re considering the nomad life, this book is essential. It gives practical advice and realistic information. It doesn’t sugar coat or dramatize anything, just puts the problems and solutions, when available, the options, the possibilities, and the roadblocks that nomads will most likely encounter at one point or another. Robert Witham gives you the knowledge so your can be prepared.
Debra VS