How to live by choosing voluntary simplicity of possessions


Minimalism. It is a term that has become much more popular in recent years with a number of blogs and more than a few books devoted to the topic. Many people are discovering that the dream they have been sold – that of ever-increasing affluence, unbridled consumerism, and the 50-year corporate 9-5 grind – is at best an elusive fantasy and at worst a nightmare from which there seems no escape. Minimalism, many people find, is the answer.

Minimalism (the book) is my contribution to the conversation about voluntary simplicity and, specifically, simplicity of possessions. I have been interested in simple living for as long as I can remember, and have been a minimalist since around 1999. Like many serious minimalists, everything that I own can fit into one bag. I can, and indeed have, packed to move across the country on 30 minutes notice (more than once).

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Probably the best e-book on minimalism that I have come across. M.r Witham delivers his message in a clear, inviting style. He offers several views on simplicity, and neither does he preach nor condescend. Instead, he invites us to shed the excess, lighten the load and find a better path.
For an inexpensive eBook, I was well pleased with his capable writing, and professional editing.
Well done, and thank you!
Very good advice and highly motivational.
I have way too much stuff. It will be much easier to clean and dust with way less stuff to move. Most of which I hardly even use. Robert Witham’s books are informative and inspirational to get out of the rut of having too much and wasting time sitting around . To get out and see the beauty of nature and spend time with like minded people . This man, Walks his talk !
I found this book full of vary good reasons to become a Minimalist. It is put together very well. I found it almost impossible to put down.
Joel N
A very good and easy read for those contemplating minimalism. A good starter guide, well worth the cost.
J Martin